Magic Wand Tool

13 05 2009

Skater Selection Exercise

by  Alex M.           

Images: Courtesy of  ‘Introduction to Photoshop CS3’ by Jamie Campbell.                                                    

Step 1

Find an image online of a skater or other person of your choice. (Use any online image search engine, eg Google)

Look for an image that has a simple background (eg blue sky). The best background  for the magic wand tool to work is a single colour background.

Step 2

Choose the Magic Wand Tool from the Toolbox.


Step 3

Click on the background of the image you want to select.   

TIP:  Shift-click any areas of the image you wish to add to the selection or tick the ‘Add to Selection’ box in the options menu (see image below)




Next inverse your selection by either pressing Shft + Ctrl + I or choose menu Select > Inverse 

Step 4

Next find a background image to use. We used an image of a rail, but anything similar would be fine. As long as it works with your skater.


Step 5

Use the Move Tool to drag the skater and position him on the rail. If you have both images open (as in the example) you will be able to just drag the selection of the the skater into the new background image.                  










Step 6

Finally, place the skater into place my example

*(Optional) Choose menu Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and experiment with a motion blur effect.      



PRESTO! This is what you should have in the end if you choose the optional Motion Blur technique


This exercise and some of the images were taken from ‘Introduction to Photoshop CS3’ by Jamie Campbell.




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28 03 2012
Whitley Huttman

You have mentioned very interesting points! ps decent website.

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